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A two week course focused on a realistic use of the law of attraction and conscious creation, led by coaches and entrepreneurs, Bianca Taylor and MariaLuisa Ferro.

Tap into Your Abilities As A Creator...

Whether you know it or not, you have the abilities to create a life full of your deepest desires.  By cultivating a deep understanding of the universal law of attraction and holding yourself accountable to practicing, you can transform your life.


 meet your coaches

Bianca Taylor

I’m Bianca Taylor, entrepreneur, content creator, and founder of The Embodied Babe. I have been a certified coach for 6+ years in the wellness space and also hold a certification as a level 1 & 2 reiki practitioner. In the last several years I have coached hundreds of clients, in groups and individually, through major life transformations such as body recomposition through lifestyle changes, career shifts, confidence evolution, and energetic work.

At 28 years old, I have co-founded multiple largely successful businesses, cultivated a social media following of over 1M across Instagram, Youtube, TiktTok, and Twitter, and truly designed a life where I can fearlessly express myself and pursue my dreams and ambitions. All of what I have created in my life I can honestly say has been led and shaped by my years of life experience and study in the concept of manifestation and the law of attraction. Transforming my life from one of financial struggle and depression, to one of abundance and liberation has brought me to be passionate about sharing this ancient knowledge in a format that is palatable and realistic for the people just like me.

Marialuisa Ferro

I am a trained intuitive & compassionate Transformational Life Coach with a no BS approach. I work with womxn who are feeling stuck in their life and not realizing their full potential. Why do I do this? Because I am OBSESSED with womxn stepping into their power. Whether that’s in careers or love, we are all so DEEPLY worthy of experiencing the life of our dreams.

I trained in Transformational Life Coaching at one of the most prestigious coaching schools, Animas Centre for Coaching in London. There, I learned so many incredibly powerful tools that are geared to enact deep and everlasting change to catapult your potential. After this, I started working with clients and found my superpower as a coach: supporting womxn on their journey to achieving authentic unshakeable confidence. In their relationships, dating life or careers I am able to help womxn get to a point where they truly believe, feel they deserve and go after the life their soul wants. 

I am also a certified Reiki healer and help womxn move through energetic shifts in order to propel them into a state of healing old wounds and patterns - a must in attracting your dream relationship. I have been using manifesting techniques over the past 6 years. I manifested moving to the US when I was in my mid twenties, knowing full well that is incredibly hard to immigrate here. At the beginning of 202 I manifested a specific income, my desired living situation and a romantic relationship of my dreams. All of which came true by July - only 6 months later!

I am now so thrilled that I can pass these on to all of you who are wanting to step into that higher self to create the life you truly deserve.

 what's included in the course?

This course includes five (5) live calls, one introductory call and four coaching group sessions spread out over two weeks, with homework assignments, activities, sharing circles, the opportunity to ask questions and get direct coaching from Bianca and MariaLuisa live in session, exclusive access to a private accountability community group chat, and access to the recorded calls for life.

This program breaks down everything from…

  • What is The Law of Attraction? Why is there so much resistance to it

  • Does The Law of Attraction really work? Where do I start?

  • Putting manifestation into action

  • Cultivating your confidence as a creator

  • Building self trust and connection to your intuition

  • Defining your personal relationship with divinity and what spirituality means to you

  • Practicing being a Master Manifestor with live exercises and guided meditations

Plus, more juicy topics that will allow you to become grounded in confidence around creating the life you want!


testimonials from embodied babe clients

“I have so much more trust in myself, my intuition, my capabilities and what the universe has in store for me. I've always been an anxious person, and although the thought of the future is still daunting, I'm much more excited for it then I once was.”

Abigail Dixon

“I highly recommend The Embodied Babe to anyone and everyone wanting to transform their life. Marialuisa and Bianca’s knowledge and guidance is truly invaluable and I’m forever grateful to have had them by my side during this time in my life, and know that all of the tools they gave us will continue to be useful throughout my journey!”

Konstantina Jianis

“I am now able to confidently set boundaries, express myself in all of my feminine glory, sit in silence, take time to rest and rejuvenate, create new habits such as journaling and meditating all the while having a huge support system within the group and with Bianca and Maria Luisa.
I feel like a new woman after doing coaching for all of these months and I am so thankful for this incredible, life-changing experience.”

Heather Sanchez

“I made the first step into my life full of abundance by joining The Embodied Babe and I recommend joining to every woman who feels disempowered or judged by the society we live in. Claim your power back with Bianca und MariaLuisa!”

Melanie Miller

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