Activate Your Divine Feminine

June 3-5 | Joshua Tree, CA


We are all made up of a balance of energy often referred to as feminine and masculine. While masculine or yang energy is characterized by doing and giving, feminine or yin energy is characterized by being and receiving.

The feminine/ yin sides of ourselves are often suppressed due to living amongst patriarchal norms, in a hustle culture centered around doing and achieving. While doing and achieving is important for all of us, we mustn’t forget the magic of being or our feminine essence.



You may be out of touch from feminine/yin energy if...

You are lacking the confidence to authentically express your wants, needs, desires

You feel out of touch and unempowered with your sex life

You regularly carry shame around your body, your emotions and your behavior

You find it hard to relax and constantly worry about your productivity levels

If this sounds like you, it’s time to tap into your

divine feminine

Using these five feminine archetypes, we will take you on a journey to unleash your full feminine expression

Archetype 1 · The Warrior (aka The Huntress)

Independence, ambition, and focus, your warrior is waiting. This archetype is ready for full freedom and control over her life. She knows she can do everything on her own and owns her autonomy. But, she sometimes finds emotions challenging and is often called selfish or rude.

You may be out of touch with your warrior if you find yourself struggling to take action, process or feel anger and rage, or if you feel “out of control” with your life, relationships, career, or finances.

Archetype 2 · The Temptress (aka The Dark Feminine Lover)

Sexuality and passion radiates from the Lover. She knows her sacredness and stays grounded. The Lover is ready for pleasure, connection, and creation. She wants freedom and is full of confidence. But, she sometimes comes off as controlling or chaotic.

You may be out of touch with your temptress/ lover if you feel shameful around sex, your pussy/ genitals, your body, and how you “look” when you dance, move, or try to be sensual.

Archetype 3 · The Queen and The Maiden

The queen – she is beauty; she is grace; she is POWER. This natural leader knows how important it is to stand her ground and fully devotes herself to any (and all) of her goals. The Queen urges for connection and partnership, while understanding her own strength.

You may be out of touch with your inner Queen if you feel like you struggle to put yourself first, or if you do not feel balanced in your romantic partnerships. (You give and never receive.)

The maiden is full of playfulness and energy. She hasn’t fully found herself, but is ready to have as much fun as she can in the process. The Maiden has an ability to elevate through transformation. Though she is known for purity, her purity is not focused on sexual purity, but rather the freshness of new experiences that her free spirited nature can lead her to.

You may be out of touch with your Maiden if you never let yourself have fun, or you find yourself feeling stuck in a routine you don't love. Maybe you are a workaholic who is extremely judgmental of herself for not being perfect enough, or you repeat the same old boring day and wish you could finally feel free-spirited.

Archetype 4 · The Sage (aka The Scholar)

She is full of wisdom and strategy. The Sage has a remarkable gift for making peace and living in her truth. She is an excellent teacher and guide, without forcing control or actions.

You may be out of touch with the Sage if you have trouble manifesting financial abundance into your life or if you are struggling with your career path. Also, you may be out of touch with the Sage if you are overly critical of yourself.

Archetype 5 · The Mystic (aka The Witch)

This introverted old soul is always aligned with herself and brings deep peace. She is a deep empath, while also being able to separate her emotions from decisions and observations. Instead of looking for outside validation and answers, she confidently knows her truth lives inside of her.

You may be out of touch with the Mystic if you feel disconnected with your intuition or are lacking closeness with spirituality.



Are you ready to begin a deeply healing journey to tap into a higher version of yourself?

Dive even further into personal development by connecting into a life-long sisterhood of other spiritual women

Lean into your full femininity and gain confidence that allows you to fall back in love with yourself

Learn the tools and techniques to find your lost creativity and flow of self-expression

The transformation awaits

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Activate Your Divine Feminine Retreat

Get ready to join a vortex and explore your feminine

This weekend retreat hosted by Bianca Taylor and Marialuisa Ferro, is packed with intentional and mindful workshops and activations to begin healing old wounds, breaking recurring patterns, and unlocking your inner, divine feminine selves. Through sacral and feminine movement dance lessons, non-psychoactive medicinal ceremonies, mastermind activities for YOUR dreams and manifestations, and energy work from certified reiki practitioners, you will find a safe space for you to finally embody your feminine, and all that she is.


Joshua Tree · California

Joshua Tree is a sacred 2.5-million-year-old Mojave desert that is known to be a vortex of awakening and strength. We will be tucked away in a gated, mystical estate with 5-star amenities and furnishings amid desert serenity. Experience your own private version of the Joshua Tree National Park as you explore over 2 acres of boulders, terrain, and wildlife on the property. You can choose between sharing a room and bed (we will match you with someone we think you’ll adore and provide divider pillows) or having a private room to rest and relax without distraction.

Itinerary of Transformation

manifestation · movement · mindfulness

An enchanting weekend of movement, self exploration, connection, adventure, rest and play. As a complete wellness experience, all meals are included and the menu for the week will be wholesome vegan food prepared by a local vegan chef. There will be free time throughout the weekend to explore the amazing 2+ arce property and soak up the five star estate amenities which include a soaking pool, oversized hot tub, outdoor shower along the boulders, custom fire pit, yoga terrace with mats, cactus garden and outdoor dining and lounge area.

Intentionally crafted workshops and activations  

Centered around each archetype to unleash magic

Heal old, inner, and generational wounds that have been halting your personal growth

Overcome limiting beliefs and remove self-blockages that haven’t been allowing you to live your full truth

Address and begin to remove deeply set patterns that have been holding you back from becoming your most authentic self

Create a forever bond with a new sisterhood that is ready to support and cheer you on for the rest of your life

It’s time to put yourself first 

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Meet your badass facilitators

Coach · Entrepreneur ·  Reiki practitioner · Psychic medium intuitive · Dancer
Life coach ·  Reiki healer · Compassionate intuitive · Social justice advocate

The First-In Investment

We have three retreat packages to choose from and all include accommodations, meals, snacks,  activities and complete use of the estate amenities. In order to facilitate a truly life changing and energetic experience, space is extremely limited (only 10 spots available). Payment plans are available.

These packages do not cover any transportation, including your flights and transportation to and from the airport to the estate in Joshua Tree. Closest airports include Palm Springs, San Diego or LAX. Please let us know your flight times and we will try to coordinate with other women for carpooling. Please note, although the pictures of the rooms are very much real, they may not be the exact room you will be assigned to - trust us, every room is immaculate and has breath-taking views!

Immediate Connection


Here’s what's included:

  • A shared bedroom with a shared queen bed (with a divider pillow)

  • All activities, workshops and activations

  • All meals, snacks, and drinks are included

  • A special gift bag with sacred gifts to cherish beyond the trip

Unlimited Magic


Here’s what's included:

  • Everything in The Immediate Connection package

  • Two private one-on-one online coaching sessions: one with Bianca and one with MariaLuisa. This can be used for any private topic of your choice ($1500 value)

All-In Experience


Here’s what's included:

  • Everything in The Immediate Connection package but includes a private bedroom with a king or queen bed just for you!

  • Two private in person sessions: one hour with Bianca and one hour with MariaLuisa during the weekend for your choice of coaching or reiki work

  • A gold tier special gift bag with sacred gifts to cherish beyond the trip!

There are 10 limited spots available and it is first come, first serve

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This retreat is calling you if you've been searching for

A divine sisterhood of women who support, encourage, and love her

Her inner Goddess and confidence in expressing her femininity without shame

The vacation of a lifetime and chance to put herself first to become her best 

Inner peace and the healing of old wounds that have been holding her back

An abundance of self-love and grace that allows her to live her authentic truth every day

What our clients are saying

“I have so much more trust in myself, my intuition, my capabilities and what the universe has in store for me. I've always been an anxious person, and although the thought of the future is still daunting, I'm much more excited for it then I once was.”

Abigail Dixon

“I highly recommend The Embodied Babe to anyone and everyone wanting to transform their life. Marialuisa and Bianca’s knowledge and guidance is truly invaluable and I’m forever grateful to have had them by my side during this time in my life, and know that all of the tools they gave us will continue to be useful throughout my journey!”

Konstantina Jianis

“I am now able to confidently set boundaries, express myself in all of my feminine glory, sit in silence, take time to rest and rejuvenate, create new habits such as journaling and meditating all the while having a huge support system within the group and with Bianca and Maria Luisa.
I feel like a new woman after doing coaching for all of these months and I am so thankful for this incredible, life-changing experience.”

Heather Sanchez

“I made the first step into my life full of abundance by joining The Embodied Babe and I recommend joining to every woman who feels disempowered or judged by the society we live in. Claim your power back with Bianca und MariaLuisa!”

Melanie Miller


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