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  • Feeling stuck in your current situation? 

  • Lacking direction and worrying about which path you should be on?

  • Feeling insecure about your appearance? Your personality? Feeling insecure full stop?

  • Caring so much about what others think of you? 

  • Overthinking situations and scenarios all the time? 

  • Constantly worried about making the wrong decision and  second guessing decisions you already made?

  • Constantly comparing yourself to others? Feeling like you are behind your peers (in terms of relationships, careers etc)? 

  • Worrying that you may never meet the right person, settle down and have a family?

  • Feeling “not good enough”?

Yes and yes. I am ready for a BIG change.

I am a trained intuitive & compassionate transformational coach with a no BS approach.

I work with women in their 20s and 30s just like you, who are feeling stuck, behind in their life and often not reaching their potential. 

Why do I do this? Because I am OBSESSED with women stepping into their power. I believe in the divine feminine and know that each and every one of us were brought here to shine (cough and take over the world). It is my life’s mission to ensure women break down their self-doubt, kick their limiting beliefs in the butt and start living authentically confident and full of self love.

My core strengths as a coach are:

Curiosity - I don’t do shallow. Shallow doesn’t interest me and shallow doesn’t get results. Let’s get deep. If we are about to transform your confidence to sky-rocket levels we have to get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs and lack of self belief. 

Love & Empathy- I naturally have a huge amount of empathy. Working with me, you will be in a warm, safe and non judgmental space where we can create magic. I am intuitively able to understand what you NEED and not what you WANT from each session.

Creativity - I personalise each of my sessions to you and your needs. I have lots of coaching tools and activities from training and years of experience which help us achieve what you REALLY want out of life.


I am a communications strategist for organisations & campaigns revolving around social justice, specifically women's rights. Whilst this is immensely fulfilling and saw on a wider policy level, I knew I wasn’t in full alignment. My skills as a passionate woman driven by self development, growth and women in leadership positions wasn’t being activated. Having spent so much time, work and investment in my own personal growth, I felt guided to do a diploma in Life Coaching. I listened.

I trained in Transformational Coaching at one of the most prestigious coaching schools, Animas Centre for Coaching in London. There, I learned so many incredibly powerful tools and techniques that are geared to make deep and everlasting change. After this, I started working with clients and found my superpower as a coach: supporting women on their journey to achieving authentic unshakeable confidence. In their careers, side-hustle or relationships, I am able to help women get to a point where they truly believe, feel they deserve and go after the life their soul wants.

I have the added benefit of co-founding a business in health and wellness so I am also able to help people solidify self-care practices that are tailored FOR them. By the time we have finished working together not only will you have an increase in self-love, different ways of viewing yourself and your life but you will also experience a greater sense of inner peace and happiness.


  • Unleash your authentic unshakeable confidence

  • Gain clarity and direction on where you want to go and what you want to achieve

  • Feel a sense of certainty in your decisions 

  • Feel wholly and unconditionally loved

  • Fully recognise your self worth and live each day as such

  • Take more “risks” and feel confident about them



  • Feel content and even joy in life 

  • Make yourself and your health a priority

  • Have a greater focus on personal projects and connections

  • Develop more meaningful connections

  • Feel lighter, less anxious and achieve an overall sense of satisfaction and greater happiness

  • Get to a stage of inner peace and calm



I think everyone needs to get a life coach! The whole process with Marialuisa has been eye-opening and such a journey of growth and self-discovery. Be prepared to really focus on what change you want to bring into your own life and you can 100 percent achieve it!

Marianne, 28

I really enjoy the person-centred approach to my coaching sessions with Marialuisa. Each session I felt listened to, I was able to explore my issues in a safe and warm environment. Marialuisa brought creativity to sessions and different activities to change things up. I love her energy and passion for what she does, it really makes you feel valued and respected.

Diana, 27

Marialuisa’s life coaching style really worked for me. She is calm, professional and uplifting. It was immediately clear that she has my best interests at heart and wanted to create an encouraging space for me to be my best self

Julia, 30

You can help me with all this? Sign me up now!


My 1:1 programme has been carefully designed with you in mind. A woman full of ambition, knowledge and power but just not reaching full potential.


Whether that is being confident in dating, feeling like an absolute goddess in your relationship, bossing it in your career or taking necessary self care practices.


I have witnessed women go from not being sure of themselves, constantly doubting every decision and feeling so behind of where they are in life to being FULLY self-accepting, achieving their dream goals and above all unconditionally loving themselves.


In the 12 weeks working together, you will receive:

  • 12 powerful transformational 1:1 sessions with me

  • Your own Google drive with all the notes, findings and revelations we have after each session

  • Development and personal growth tasks to carry out between the sessions

  • Unlimited text/email support between the sessions - I get back to you within 24 hours


This framework can be tailored and tweaked to you and your needs.


Case Study 

I came to coaching because I was feeling really lost and frustrated by both work and personal stuff. It had been a big year for me in terms of life changes, self-esteem challenges, love, and of course the pandemic. I had spent nearly a year in a relationship that just wasn’t quite right. The tension my body and mind felt about being in a relationship that wasn’t making me happy, but was with a great person, was making me question everything I knew about relationships, including whether or not I could be in or want a long-term commitment.  On top of that, I had been in my current position at work for over a year and a half and was feeling stuck. I didn’t know if I wanted to leave what I thought was my dream job, or just work harder to progress in my current career and company. Essentially there were a lot of question marks. 
Now, I feel a lot more comfortable. There are still questions. But they seem less overwhelming and my focus has shifted away from worrying by default about all the things I don’t understand or know, to taking care of my mind, body and spirit, including my self-esteem, to trust that things will work out. I’ve realised that the answers I’m searching for are less of what’s needed, and a deeper understanding and connection with myself is more important. 
I feel more confident overall. I also feel healthier overall, mentally and physically, I think because I’ve invested more attention and consideration to self-care. We have spent time talking about things that overall contribute to building up a more balanced life and that has gone a long way to making me feel more stable. 
There are two really big results (apart from small habit changes) as a result of my time working with Marialuisa. The first is that I’ve managed to learn to be a lot more comfortable with boredom and spending time alone. This was huge in the sense that I never knew how it was limiting me before. I now not only recognise that this fear of boredom was there and harmful, but also that I can change it and become comfortable with a slower pace of things. I think reframing boredom and alone time as a normal part of life, as opposed to a sign of social/other failure has been transformational for me in terms of learning to be comfortable and confident.
The other main result has been confidence in pursuing interests outside of work. I had always known that I liked to have a well-rounded life/schedule but also always felt a bit conflicted and torn about the fact that I was never as obsessed by work as others seem to be. I have so many other interests and so it was really liberating working with Marialuisa and allowed me to stop thinking about trying to fit a mold and start focusing more on building up opportunities in my life that keep me interested and happy.
Marialuisa is really authentic which I appreciate a lot. I think it was easy to get to know her really quickly and feel comfortable with her. I really appreciate the spiritual lens through which she views things and the honesty she brings to every session so that we can get to working on issues in more than just a surface level way. It was really important to find a coach that I would work with someone who I get to have deep conversations with about big ideas, as so many of my questions I think pertain in part to trying to have a better understanding of life, meaning and what I want to get out of it. I feel I can do that with Marialuisa and I really enjoy the actionable tasks she gives me to keep working on these outside of our sessions. 
I have said to many friends DO IT! I think it is so helpful to have someone to talk to that I have a real relationship with (feels much different than therapy) and who is similar enough in age and experience that they can relate to my experiences, but also provide advice and wisdom. I would also say if you have any big ideas to wrestle with Marialuisa is a perfect sounding board, because there is no judgment and yet she has a really great way of cutting to the point quickly with reflective questions and probes.  All in all - it’s a really worthwhile experience!

Alexandra, 29

I've read enough - I'm ready to apply now!
Growing up in a multicultural household exposed me to all sorts of complex characters with varying needs and different ways of looking at the world. This helped me tremendously with my emotional intelligence and ability to intuitively tell the deeper meaning behind what people say. I grew up “traditionally confident”. What I mean by that is by being half italian - being “confident” wasn’t a positive. It was a necessity. I could speak to strangers with ease. I loved amateur theatre and dance growing up. All my life I was told “you are so confident”. 
This felt like a facade. Underneath told an entirely different story. My brain would go 1,000 miles an hour saying all sorts of negative thoughts that all came down to “you are not good enough”. I would escape these thoughts with excessive drinking, eating processed foods and falling for every single wrong guy under the sun. All of this helped me numb myself so that I could drown out what I was really feeling. I was perplexed. I had always been told I was so confident. What was going on?
One day, I came across someone that wanted to help. They held up a metaphorical mirror, I saw my reflection and it said “you need help. You are in a bad cycle and it’s not getting better”. I decided to dive deep into self development. I read a ton of personal growth books. Saw a therapist. Then got a life coach (still have one today). It changed my life. I got busy learning about myself, not judging but really learning, then accepting myself and finally loving myself. As a result, all my bad habits melted away, my negative thinking dramatically decreased. I felt empowered. Strong. Loved. Confident. Not like before - this time the confidence was unshakeable and authentic.
I am also ready to feel Strong. Loved. Confident.
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