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hey babe,

Imagine a life where you didn't self deprecate or hold yourself back from your own potential. How amazing would it be if you woke up everyday, LOVED the body you're in, lead with confidence in pursuing your dreams AND achieved your goals and aspirations with overwhelming JOY? I know that sounds awesome right? ...But that probably is not your reality right now. 

Does this sound like you?


Insecurity in your body, sense of self, and purpose?

Feelings of inadequacy and shame around who you are and your sexual expression?

Craving to express your femininity, but holding back out of fear of judgement?

Stuck and unclear on how to make effective, long lasting change?

Fear of rejection and regret missed opportunities?

Yes, this is so me. Help me make a change!

I am an entrepreneur, content creator, artist, and life / business and health coach. If it wasn't for my own journey that led me to work through my own feelings of inadequacy and find self love and acceptance, I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have thus far.

By 30 years old, I have co-founded multiple 7 figure companies and a multi 6 figure company as well. , all of which were built without any outside investment. I also have grown my online audience to over 1 million followers on instagram alone, and  another 800k + across different social media platforms, sharing my various passions and life experiences. I have modeled for brands such as Kat Von D’s VonDShoes, and been featured in publications such as Inked Mag for telling my story and expressing myself in an authentic way. I have 17+ million of views on YouTube, and have had experience building my onlyfans subscription platform to the top 0.02% of creators

I guess you could say that I don’t necessarily fit in a box. I have come quite used to the fact that my bold self expression can be off putting to those who expect women to be one singular thing…. I do not let that stop me from being me or pursuing the things that light me up.

None of my success thus far would have ever been possible if I had chosen to not proactively heal my relationship with myself, my body, and my sexuality. In this process I uncovered  a lot of internalized misogyny and feelings of inadequacy,  while unlearning patterns that held me back from living as a fully empowered woman. 

I am passionate about helping women tap into their feminine power, grow in confidence and also find financial abundance and freedom along the way.

I have guided clients from living paycheck to paycheck to manifesting 5-figure paychecks landing a dream job within months. I have supported women through finding their voice and self worth and making the decision to choose themselves and leave an unhappy marriage.  I have had clients finally break the chains of fear around self judgment and begin dressing how they want to and expressing themselves from a heart-led place.


Women have been gender stereotyped for centuries, which in turn prevents many of them from pursuing ambitions what may receive backlash, judgement or rejection

Cultural misogyny and your early childhood are two big ways that we get wounded in the world. Women are told to...


Be smart, but not too smart. Use your voice, but not too often. Be sexy, but not overly sexual.


All humans are capable of healing their relationship with themselves and pursuing whatever fulfills them. It’s time for more women to step into self love and empowerment. Not only does living in this low vibrational frequency of not loving yourself prevent you from stepping into your power, but it often blocks financial abundance. Then, the lack of financial stability may lead to more feelings of low self esteem, or create stress and fear in day to day life. 


It’s time that we break the cycle of insecurity and scarcity. 

But why is self love so hard to achieve?

To achieve self love and cultivate the confidence to pursue the things that light you up, a lot of inner work must be done beyond basic self acceptance. Unraveling reasons as to why you’ve...

  • Tolerated people who treat you poorly

  • Allow outsiders to influence your personal decisions

  • Have perpetually found yourself in situations that don’t make you feel good

  • Have never fully expressed or explored yourself

These are just a few of the places that need to be explored and worked through for you to step into your full power. 

I need help with my confidence, where do I apply?

“Bianca, you have changed my life more than you will ever know. I used to struggle living paycheck to paycheck and never having the guts and the confidence to change anything and do better. You gave me that confidence. I am still killing it on onlyfans almost a full year later. I am so grateful for that. Thank you. Stay beautiful and keep inspiring powerful women!”

- Gina Palm

“Since knowing and spending time with Bianca she has completely changed my mindset and perspective. Before her I felt completely lost on my path. She has inspired and supported me through personal and business growth.  She has shown me how to balance my mental health while still keeping myself accountable towards my short and long term goals. She is the first person I go to as I know she will always give me non judgemental, objective advice and clarity. Without her my outlook and vision for my future would be incredibly foggy.”

- Emmy Ray

“The energy and knowledge that Bianca has put out there has helped me to step into my highest self. I feel confident to express myself as the woman I know I was meant to be, and this confidence has helped me to break patterns that weren’t serving my highest self. I’ve reached milestones not just personally, but financially as well, by applying her knowledge in everything that I do. To say that Bianca has changed my life for the better would be an understatement.”

- Kiley Lane Williams

Doing this alone can be scary and difficult.



Willpower alone sometimes isn’t enough to truly step into your full power of self love, abundance, and self expression.

Having another woman by your side cheering you on, guiding you through your healing, and supporting you is absolutely key.

That’s exactly why I’ve created a plan and structure through my cultivated knowledge and experience to work through each of the common blockages that prevent full empowerment and prosperity.

Just imagine...


Having the confidence to leave behind anything that is not fully serving you or bringing you joy. (jobs, relationships, living situations.)

Feeling an overwhelming sense of love for yourself, your body, and each person that you meet.

Never feeling intimidated by other women or men because you stand strong in your power with deep confidence.

Getting out of bed each day, passionate about what you do and know that you are financially abundant & able to create whatever you desire.

1:1 Coaching Experience To Overcome Self-Doubt, Drop the Misogyny-Based Sexual Shame, and Step Into Your Full-Ass Abundant AF Self.


In this coaching program, you and I will be breaking through the internal and external blockages that stand in between you and your most empowered self. 

You will embody all that you aspire to be, attract abundance in all ways, and never accept less than your highest value.

I am ready for my breakthrough, let's do this!

What is The Embodied Babe process? 

With each of my clients, we focus on the root of each blockage, as well as the physical manifestation that is present in your life and preventing you from feeling fully empowered.

For many, the root of low self esteem and lack of self love is rooted in a childhood experience and manifests physically as an unhealthy relationship with food, sex, work, or your self image. 

With focusing on the root and the manifestation, we can unravel patterns that do not serve you, and create new patterns that will allow you to operate at your highest level of queen energy.

When we can drop shame, self doubt, and self hatred, we can begin to embody self expression, confidence, and attract abundance in all forms. 

My goal is to guide you to feeling like the most confident, sexy, powerful, and financially prosperous woman you can be.

Before you talk yourself into believing that you don’t deserve to feel fully empowered, confident, or strong in your own self expression to even consider joining something like this--stop and ask yourself why you feel that way. Every person deserves to live a life of joy where they embody all that they aspire to be.


You deserve to be abundant.

You deserve to be confident in yourself & your body.

You deserve to radically express yourself & sexuality without shame or fear of what others may think.

I deserve all of this. Take me to the application!

When I just turned 21 years old, I was completely lost and completely broke.

I knew that the job I had did not fulfill my soul, so I quit and hoped I would figure out how to become a true entrepreneur. Two weeks after I quit, as I was living off of my savings, I was hit by a drunk driver and my 1998 Mitsubishi was totaled.

I suddenly had hundreds of dollars of hospital and chiropractic bills; and the worst part was--I had no means of transportation (uber and lyft were not as big as they are now, if they even existed at this time).

I would walk to the gym-- and luckily, I knew everyone at the gym so I would sneak in without paying for a monthly membership. I would walk to the grocery store to get the bare essentials of food, and at the time I was sleeping on the floor at my friend’s place in her guest bedroom.

I was also struggling with anorexia at the time, and my relationship with myself was rocky. I remember asking myself what the point of living was anymore when I was just surviving and not living. I would look in the mirror and tears would stream down my face because I not only felt like a failure, but I had no passion in me.

I had a moment where I looked at my bank account information and saw barely $7.00 - a monetary manifestation of how I felt about myself and my life at this point. I had burned through my savings account by this time, but something inside me refused to accept that this was my reality at that very moment. 

I knew that abundance and self love existed--even if it was foreign to me--so I stared at that low balance and visualized $100,000.00.

I told myself that this moment is my rock bottom and I will one day tell the story of how I cultivated not only financial abundance but love for myself, but my purpose to live. I didn't know how I would get there, but I knew I would.

So here I am today--6 years later--with well over 100,000.00 in my bank account, driving my dream car, my heart full of love and admiration for my own soul and beauty, writing out my story and knowing that this is not even close to my peak of success.

I want to help you rise as well. In that rock bottom moment, I felt the pain of not only myself, but every woman who has struggled with loving herself, making ends meet, or finding their purpose to live and thrive. 

My soul ached for you and all of my sisters around this planet, before any of you ever knew I existed. I have unraveled misogyny within myself for all of us. I have pushed the envelope on what “women should do” for myself and for you. I believe with every fiber of my being that every woman is made of magic and capable of cultivating everything she desires. I made mistakes and learned difficult lessons along the way and that is why I created The Embodied Babe to offer my insight, support, guidance, love, and energy on your journey to embodying and manifesting all that you desire in this life.

I've heard enough and I am READY - take me to the application!